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You are viewing documentation for version 13. This version is antiquated!
The current version is version 14

Mobile audio recording

Audio recording is now available in Safari on iOS and Chrome on Android. This is an extension of our streaming WebRTC platform and as suck will function nearly identically to the existing desktop audio recorder.

Google Cloud Storage Integration

We've added a new integration that allows you to have CameraTag automatically copy assets to your Google Cloud Storage bucket.

Half Price Audio

Audio will now be billed at 50% the price of video (2 minutes of audio uses 1 minute of quota)

Smaller JS Library

We have spent some time "DRY"ing up our code and removing redundancies between the multiple CameraTag products. The end result is a v13 JS library that is about 20% smaller than v12.

React Example

We have added a code example that shows how to use CameraTag inside a React component.

Twilio Integration

Starting in May of 2019 CameraTag will no longer be sending SMS messages for mobile recording. To continue using this service you will need to provide your own Twilio crednetials in the Integrations section of your app. If you elect to not provide Twilio credentials the SMS link will be removed as an option from the CameraTag interface.