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You are viewing documentation for version 10. This version is antiquated!
The current version is version 14

Create App

You can use the REST API to get the details of one of your Apps.




Below is a list of parameters that this endpoint accepts.

Parameter Accepted Values Description Required
api_key a valid user api_key All App endpoints require authentcation Required

Example Response

  "uuid": "63f9c870-72c4-0130-04c5-123139045d73",
  "name": "Homepage",
  "callback_url": "",
  "notification_email": "",
  "bucket_name": "cameratagtest",
  "crop_length": null,
  "s3_privacy": "public-read",
  "s3_directory": "terst",
  "s3_use_sse": false,
  "publish_signature_required": false,
  "playback_signature_required": false,
  "ftp_server": "",
  "ftp_username": "cdanzig",
  "ftp_password": "424D.86K/7N?949iyp9;CJ{}=CL{w,Y+",
  "ftp_directory": "cameratag/directory/",
  "use_ftp": false,
  "use_s3": false,
  "use_youtube": true,
  "ftp_trigger": "processed",
  "email_trigger": "processed",
  "s3_trigger": "processed",
  "youtube_trigger": "processed",
  "wall_privacy": "whitelist",
  "photo_width": 640,
  "photo_height": 480,
  "formats": [
      "name": "720p",
      "width": 1280,
      "height": 720,
      "hResolution": 1280,
      "vResolution": 720,
      "fps": 24
  "domains": [