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You are viewing documentation for version 10. This version is antiquated!
The current version is version 14

10x Fatser Transcoding

We have migrated all of our transcoding to a highly paralell GPU accelarated (CUDA) transcoding farm. This means that videos that would have taken 30 seonds to transcode previously now ake 3 seconds!

Introducing <microphone> tag beta

We have had many requests for audio-only recording. We are happy to announce the announce of the addition of the <microphone> tag to our line of products.

Living Thumbnails

We now use "Living Thumbnails" on the CameraTag website and all CameraTag products (videowall and photo) that use video thumbnails. These thumbnails show a preview of the video as your move your mouse over them to provide a more complete and more interactive glimpse into the video before viewing it.

Custom S3 Subdirectories

You can now specify custom subdirectories (key prefixes) for our export to s3 feature.

Mobile Length Verifcation

The mobile video recorder is now able to verify the length of a submitd video before publshing it to the server. If the video is longer than the defined maxLength the user will be given an error message and asked to re-record.