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You are viewing documentation for version 10. This version is antiquated!
The current version is version 14

App Setup

When you create your App there are only three basic variables that you must provide.

Creating An App
App Name
Video Formats

Creating An App

You can create a new App by clicking on the "New App" button at the bottom of the left rail in the Apps section.

App Name

Each App must have a name. This is to help you navigate when you create mutliple apps so make sure it's unique and descriptive.

Video Formats

Each App must have one or more video formats associated with it. CameraTag will automatcially take all incoming video and standardize them to the format(s) selected. For example if you select the 720p and 360p formats for your App, CameraTag will generate a 720p and 360p version of any videos that are added to that App regardless of the video's original resolution (videos will be upscaled or downscaled accordingly).

The Available Formats Are:

320 x 240

480 x 360

360p 16x9:
640 x 360

640 x 480

1280 x 720